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  • Jeremy Braude, Ph.D.

    Jeremy Braude, Ph.D.

    Using my experience in research and science communication, I aim to help people make better informed health decisions.

  • Marissa Lippert

    Marissa Lippert

    I’m a chef, nutritionist and restauranteur. I write for people wanting to feel their best — connecting food, wellness & nature. instagram.com/marissalippert

  • Abhinav Thakur

    Abhinav Thakur

    Aspiring Polymath

  • Shashank Mehta

    Shashank Mehta

    Fat kid. Fit adult. Writes about Health. Busy rebuilding the worlds trust in its food. TheWholeTruthFoods.com

  • rowell


    Passionate about wealth, travel and fitness.

  • Adam Boyd-Brown

    Adam Boyd-Brown

    Father to Rose, Husband to Hannah, Online Coach, MNU Nutritionist, Wannabe Golf-pro, Pizza and Beer aficionado

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